Thursday, March 08, 2007

Where's My Money?

TD Canada Trust has managed to lose a large sum of my money. An international wire transfer from the UK was received at TD in Toronto, they acknowledge, but the forwarding of the funds to my Ottawa branch appears not to have been too successful. Toronto says they sent it; Ottawa says they don't have it. Despite the acknowledgement that the bank has my money, they won't put it into my account until they find it. Apparently this would be considered a 'loan' for which I don't qualify.

This is disturbing enough, but then I read this post at Canadian Blue Lemons, which draws attention to the fact that the current Chief Economist and CBC rent-a-gob Don Drummond was a lackey of Paul Martin's at the Finance department, and that John McCallum was previously Chief Economist at TD. All of which begs the question:

Is my money in a brown envelope in a Montreal restaurant??