Saturday, March 31, 2007

Deja Vu, Again

The very first 'real' post on this blog was a discussion of the McGuinty government's response to the situation in Caledonia. Because everyone, children, dogs and adults tend to repeat patterns of behaviour that work for them, I predicted that we would see more and more groups using Caledonia tactics of confrontation, illegal occupation, vandalism and violence to achieve their ends.

Fast forward almost a year, and Caledonia 2 is developing in Deseronto, Ontario. Natives are occupying the site of a quarry that they have recently decided belongs to them and needs to be shut down. Native leader Shawn Brant said last week that "nothing in Deseronto is off limits," meaning that we can expect to see exactly the same situation there as is still going on in Caledonia.

When will McGuinty and the OPP step up and stop these kinds of tactics from working? When will we see laws being applied equally to native and non-native alike? Don't bother to answer; we already know he doesn't have it in him, 'it' being a spine.