Monday, May 29, 2006

Oh Rexie You're So... no, that's not it

Caught a little of Rex Murphy's Cross Country Checkup yesterday, about the Great Press Gallery Spat. I only caught two calls, but since one was pro-gallery and one was pro-PMSH I figure it's a balanced sample.

During the first call, Rexie mmm'ed and ahh'ed approvingly as the caller complained about openness in government, didn't Harper say he'd be accountable, what is he afraid of, the media's not biased, etc. etc.

During the second call, a woman from BC tried to put the other side of the argument, pointing out some of the treatment that the CPC had received at the hands of the media in the 2004 election campaign. Rexie interrupted constantly, and finally cut the caller off with the assertion that actually only the Martin Liberals could justifiably claim any media bias against them.

Thus proving... ummmm... that at least one doyen of CBC journalists is biased against PMSH.

Add to this Anna Maria Tremonti's carefully chosen use of the term Klan to describe the Conservative Party (h/t to Kate at SDA) and it's been a great 24 hours for the fourth estate.