Wednesday, May 31, 2006

11 Reasons Why My Corgis Are Superior

I came across the rabid ramblings of A Responsible Working Mother some time ago but was prompted to action by today's inclusion of this women's work in a post by Kate over at SDA.

Among the many gems on this blog is a list of 11 Reasons Why Working Mothers Can't Stand Housewives. In another post a little later, the writer 'satirizes' (or believes she does) a study that values the work performed by a stay-home parent at around $134,000 per annum. She does this by evaluating the work performed by her dog and concluding that his/her work is valued at $125,000 per annum. This seems to me to be low-balling; I am not sure what A Responsible Working Mother earns, but I'd happily pay a lot more to spend time with her dog than I would with her.

Here then, is a list of 11 reasons why my three Welsh Corgis are superior to A Responsible Working Mother:
  1. They enjoy spending time with their family.
  2. They make an effort to get along with everyone.
  3. Doing what's right for their puppies comes naturally to them.
  4. They listen more than they speak.
  5. They love other people's children (and no, not for dinner).
  6. They teach my daughter about caring for others, responsibility, discipline and love.
  7. They are smarter than we think (and they use this shamelessly to their advantage).
  8. They make us laugh.
  9. They can run faster than ARWM.
  10. They have a larger range of expression and emotion than ARWM exhibits.
  11. They have short legs, big ears and even bigger hearts.
  12. (Special bonus reason): They are less aggressive and bitey than ARWM.

Much of what is on ARWM's blog is so bizarre that I'm not convinced the whole blog isn't a troll. However it is amusing to see how well she thinks her 'brat' (sic) is doing. One example: she credits her daughter's daycare experience with the fact that her daughter was able to eat soup with a spoon at 15 months. If my daughter had waited that long, I'd have been very worried indeed. AWRM writes that she 'would never have considered trying this with her'.... and in so writing, I think she unwittingly reveals a lot about herself ....

Hug your kids tonight, love them, cherish them and care for them as you think best. And above all, model for them the respect you'd like to receive.