Sunday, February 18, 2007

TD Canada Trust: We're Sorry, Your Personality Has Failed

Interesting gossip from The Great Green Cash-Guzzling Machine known as TD Canada Trust. An acquaintance of the corgis had been an exemplary employee of the bank for some 5 years. Recently qualified as a teacher, he taught for a few months in a First Nations community, then returned to his home town to be with his wife.

On applying to re-join the bank, he was told that hiring procedures have changed and he must now complete an online personality test as a pre-requisite. He apparently failed this test. He does not have the personality required to work at TD Canada Trust. The glowing testimonials from his former manager couldn't even be considered - indeed his application cannot even be accepted at the bank, because this online test is the first step in the hiring process.

This begs some questions, which loyal customers of TD might want to ask their branch managers next time they see them:

Just what is TD Canada Trust Personality? How do I know if I have it? How does it differ, say, from Royal Bank Personality, or CIBC Personality? What does the standardization of employee Personalities at TD mean for customers? Suppose I find I don't like the standard TD Personality? Can I suggest changes or improvements to TD Canada Trust Personality? Will there be a Personality Upgrade Program for existing employees? Is this where my ATM fees are going?