Sunday, February 18, 2007

Is 2007's Kyoto 1987's Unilateral Disarmanent?

When I posted earlier this afternoon I had not done my usual round of the MSM and blogosphere 'buzz' - and it seems that a lot of the MSM is unfooled by the irresponsible Pablo Rodriguez and his squeaky-green boss.

All of which makes me think back to the 1987 general election in the UK - Margaret Thatcher's government was doing fairly well, but had been long enough in office that support wasn't necessarily all that solid. There definitely was potential for Labour to pull off victory in that campaign. However, the Labour party had adopted a highly fashionable and buzz-driven policy of unilateral nuclear disarmanent, which formed a major plank of their election platform.

The Conservative party realised that this was a policy that was popular on a surface, nice-to-have kind of level, but was disastrous for Britain's national interest when given even a cursory second glance. With a series of ads highlighting the true implications of Labour's defence policy, the Tories easily won the 1987 election.

Kyoto, to me, has all the hallmarks of this same scenario all over again. I'd love to be a fly on the wall in Liberal strategy meetings right now, because I bet there's a fair bit of tension and recrimination going on. Dion's out on a green limb that may not be able to sustain its own weight for too much longer.