Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Question Period

Liberals and Libloggers are up in arms about the question that Stephen Harper never got to ask today.

I see nothing at all wrong with Mr. Harper's question. Facts are, there is someone the RCMP wants to interview in relation to Canada's largest ever crime. That someone is a family member of a Liberal MP who is extremely close to the new Liberal leader. That new Liberal leader has chosen to block legal provisions that would allow the RCMP to force the individual to provide information.

It's possible that Dion is opposing these measures on principle - there's always a first time - but it's certainly suspicious and the question of what influence Bains' family connection had on the decision to oppose the measures is perfectly legitimate.

Methinks the Liberal party protests too much - the orchestrated and rehearsed reaction suggests they knew they had a problem here and they wanted to shout Harper down in a bid to hide it.