Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Montague Council - It Used To Be Much Verse

From an old newspaper...

Montague Nomination
Behold a day dawns cold and clear
And Montague's Nominations here
The usual crowd has gathered 'round
And wait expectant for a sound.
The first one called upon to speak
Of roads and bridges, ditch and creel:
Is Gardiner, reeve for 3 years past
And willing to have his honors last
He needs of course to keep the chair
In order, he says, our roads to repair,
There must be penetrating tar
And miles built on both near and far.
McCreary speaks and now we hear
How Gardiner’s pranks have cost us dear
There is taxes high machinery lost
We need a real man in there most
Committees of roads and bridge too
Are only a farce, between me and you
The price of lots, sweet council war
Two bones must be accounted for.
I don't ask much one year will do
In which to honor Montague
If McLenaghan is elected reeve
He'll have no sly tricks up his sleeve
The councillors number many more
Than we have found for years before
Conlin, Maitland and Halliday
Are with us again from last year’s fray
In a senseless way the business is done
Without Conlin's consent the Council is run
And Maitland who hasn't much to say
May think a lot in his own quiet way
Halladay greets us with intimate smile
Of why not support a man worth while
A man who claims to do his best
For you as well as all the rest
Irvine, Rice and Wm. Shields
Are new aspirants to these fields?
J. Shields, McPherson and J. H. James
Are old time contestants of council fames l
Jim Shields and McPherson having tried
The present reeve to override
And John H. James during his day
Have served us voters well they say.
There still remains two Ormrod men
And now the story begins again
Of council blunders, faults untold
Here Bunny stand, both and bold.
And sorry he is, we did not know
A man likes him long, long ago
He'll show us how to play the game
If we make an x next to his name
It wont be long the day draws near
When voters at the polls appear
'Tis here the mystery tale is told
Beneath the ballots secret fold
We hope our judgment is the best
Don't take this as a careless jest
We want our reeve and councillors four
To help us each year more and more
The only way this can be done
Is in standing by the chosen one
And when Election Day is past
Not let our petty grievance last
Reach out to each a helping hand
United Montague should stand.