Friday, September 01, 2006

Redefining Marriage Parents

First, the definition of marriage didn't meet the needs of all Canadians and was changed by judges, then deftly handed off like a hot potato by a cowardly administration to yet more judges. Now a judge in Ontario is well on the way to starting a redefinition of the word ''parent".

Given the complications that arise when same sex couples use "assisted human reproduction" (a euphemism for a certain kitchen implement that I just learned tonight!) to conceive and bear a child, there are often multiple people involved in the creation of these new lives. Now, several lesbian partners have gone to court to have themselves legally declared parents, in addition to the two biological parents who actually created the children in question.

Now, the law already allows for same-sex couples to be declared joint parents of a child by adoption; this case is about allowing three parents for the same child. Where next, with all of this, and just how selfish can these people get?

If anyone can satisfactorily explain how having three legal parents is going to benefit the child, go for it. Family law and custody battles are bad enough with two; with three parents in the picture there are nightmares ahead for these kids.