Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A Pile of Liberal Crap From Calgary

After a hard day at the hitech salt mine in Silicon Valley North, it's nice to come home, pour a beer (Fuller's London Pride tonight) and check out the comedy network known as liberal catnip. This female Basil Fawlty is always good for a laugh as she gets herself all lathered up about BusHarper, but in a post today on the government's spending cuts she's really outdone herself. To save readers the trouble of heading over to the Dark Side, here's the choicest morsels:

They've crapped all over women's rights by cutting money for the Status of Women Agency.

That would be the 'equal rights' agency that only funds the people they agree with. They don't speak for all women and they don't support the rights of any woman who is not a radical feminist, which I suspect is well over 50% of Canadian women. Pretty crappy equality.

They've crapped on aboriginal health by slashing money from the initiative to reduce their tobacco use.

That would be the 'initiative' - ever notice how they call something an 'initiative' or an 'agenda' when it's nothing but a make-work project for unemployed lefty mass-communication grads? - that has reduced aboriginal smoking by ... er... precisely nothing. Pretty crappy 'initiative'.

They've crapped on Canadian culture by lowering the funding of Canada's museums.

Hmmm... not convinced people will notice any raising or lowering of the amount of crap in Canadian KULCHER.

They've crapped directly on the youth of this country by cutting funds for youth employment strategies.

Oooooh it's 'strategies' now. How about this for a strategy? Get off your lazy ass, go to the mall and drop off a few resumes. And remember to use the spell-checker. There. That didn't cost much and I bet it'd get quite a few yoofs a job.

They've crapped on the poor by ... denying them financial help to fight constitutional challenges in court

That would be the poor middle class gay couples in Toronto, who really needed the help. Or would it be the poor abortion clinic operators in New Brunswick, who really couldn't afford to pay their own lawyer. Because you know, it really makes sense for a government to pay people to try to undo the laws they just made.

That's a whole lot of crap from Calgary, and we at DTP are crapped out for the night after that. Back to the Fuller's. Cheers.