Monday, September 25, 2006

Dead Liberals Are Good Liberals?

The revelations of improper membership drives by Volpe and others in the Liberal leadership race should not come as a surprise from the party that brought us Adscam, et al. Clearly, not much has changed and the tone of the comments coming from inside the party tells us that again, their problem is not what Volpe's campaign may have done, it's that they got caught doing it.

It's sad that a political party that has been removed from government largely on the basis of scandal - Adscam and Income Trusts - still clings to the old ways. Some of Volpe's recruits may be dead, but the morals of the entire party remain on life support, if not already dead.

What's really sad and still inexplicable is that a party like this can still count on 40% of Ontario voters going to the moral grave with them.