Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Puppy Mill Case: Court Date Next Week

The libel lawsuit by the operators of the Paws 'R' Us commercial kennel in Shawville, Quebec, against Lorie Gordon, a Brockville woman who complained online about the ill-health of the two dogs she bought from them, goes to pre-trial hearing in Ottawa on September 28th.

As a reference, before this case goes to court, readers can see photos taken inside the barn at Paws 'R' Us here and see this earlier post for background on the case.

Again, make up your own mind as to whether this place is a 'puppy mill', or whether you would want to buy a dog born and raised under those conditions. Your best bet for a dog is always a responsible, ethical breeder who belongs to their breed club and the Canadian Kennel Club. Paws 'R' Us and others like them do not sell purebred dogs and the breed 'registries' they use, such as the North American Pet Dog Registry, are a scam.