Friday, November 27, 2009

Is This The Reform You'd Have Given Us, Beth Greenhorn?

Now that the full extent of the horror that is the Toronto Humane Society is on full view, it might be a good time to remind certain people that a Humane Society or other animal shelter should not be judged by how low it can get its euthanasia numbers.

For a long time a couple of years ago, Beth Greenhorn, an Ottawa rabble-rouser and activist, along with several other vocal critics, maintained a campaign against the Ottawa Humane Society which was in large part based on the premise that the OHS euthanized too many animals.

After a campaign of media exposure, innuendo and misinformation, the group attempted a coup at the OHS's AGM and tried to take over the board of directors. Thankfully they were unsuccessful. Who knows, if they'd succeeded, would we be looking at the same kind of 'reform' in Ottawa that they now have in Toronto?

Taking care of animals requires love, dedication, hard work and occasionally hard decisions. As animal lovers, we at TDPC hope that all those involved at the THS get what they deserve.