Thursday, November 26, 2009

CBC: Critics Skewed Watergate Tapes

President Nixon is on the defensive today after it was revealed that Republican Party operatives had been caught breaking into the Watergate apartment complex in Washington, D.C. and a series of tapes were made public that some say might appear damaging to his presidency.

Critics have seized on the tapes as evidence of a conspiracy. However, most smart people have dismissed the claims.

"Bernstein and Woodward were very selective in choosing tapes they thought would make the president look bad." said a source completely unconnected with the Nixon campaign.

The president's team also dismissed as 'ludicrous' any suggestion that tapes were erased in an attempt to hide anything. "Tapes were deleted routinely, and the remaining tapes don't mean what they say. They contain colloquialisms used by political campaigns all the time," said an aide.

In short, the CBC would like to assure viewers that there is nothing to this story and the world can have every confidence in President Nixon as he completes his term in office and wins re-election as he surely will.