Monday, October 19, 2009

We Need Kibble

I have hesitated and thought long and hard before posting this, and in any normal times I would not do so, but these are not normal times. Regular followers will know that we've always been a traditional family here at TDPC, with Doggerelle taking care of the kids and dogs, and yours truly earning a living in the hitech world. However, at the beginning of 2009 we were hit by the Nortel bankruptcy filing and subsequent layoff, with no severance or notice. From one income to zero. Six months later I am finally in a new job but we have some mountains to climb here.

I know that the community often rallys around bloggers who find themselves in trouble with nuisance suits, and so forth - in better times I have done so myself. This isn't quite that situation, but there are things you can do to help.

Please get informed at about how the Companies Creditors Arrangement Act enables companies to ignore their obligations to employees and pensioners and trumps provinicial employment standards laws. Then write to your MP and ask him or her to support changes to the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act that would place employment related claims ahead of junk bond holders when companies liquidate.

If you're in Ottawa, please try and come to Parliament Hill, at noon on October 21st to protest Nortel's treatment of their severed employees and push for these legislative changes.

And finally, if you can hit the tip jar, please do. We're not SDA, or Angry in the GWN, or FFoF, just a small voice in the blogosphere, but hopefully somewhere along the line you have enjoyed a post or two here.