Friday, October 09, 2009

Michael Ignatieff On As It Happens

Mary-Lou Finlay: Mr. Ignatieff, are you thinking about taking piano lessons?

Iggy: Aha, aha, aha, aha (forced laugh that lasts just one aha too long to be believable). Yes well it was nice to see the Prime Minister having fun, although of course I could have had more fun being Prime Minister if not for that dumb Frenchman. Me. I... also, can I just say me, I, I, me. Me. I. Not that I, me, I, Canadians. Attack ads. Nasty, mean. I, me... me, I, me. I I I I I I I I.

Mary-Lou Finlay: Can you give us some policies, or ideas?

Iggy: I gave a speech. I will give another speech next week.

Mary-Lou Finlay: (unusually persistent for the CBC) Yes, but what about the policies?

Iggy: Education. Very good thing. I have one. Me, I I I I me. Me. International. I am. I me. I I me me. Me I me.

Yep. Just keep doing what you're doing, my Liberal friends.