Friday, October 02, 2009

Hanzzard, October 2nd, 2009

Oral Questions:

The Hon. Heady Fried, Smoking, B.C:

Mr. Speaker, is the Prime Minister aware that as we speak, Roots athletic wear is being burned on lawns in Prince George, B.C.? The Prime Minister's design for Team Canada's Olympic logo is clearly behind this surge of clothes-ism across the nation and -

(The Hon. Member was removed from the Chamber by men in white coats.)

Mr. Jack Laydown, Toronto-Playdead:

Mr. Speaker, can the Prime Minister assure all Canadians that he will ensure that the unemployed, immigrant, downtrodden and homeless will all be able to afford the essentials of life this winter despite the economic downturn? Will the Prime Minister pledge an Olympic hockey jersey for all Canadians?

(The Hon. Member was taken ill along with his entire caucus and was unable to complete the question.)

The Rt. Hon. Michael Ignatieff, Toronto-Centric:

Mr. Speaker, the Prime Minister has thought to pull the wool over the eyes of the Canadian people, to deceive, mislead, bamboozle, hoodwink, dupe, con, burn, cheat, hoax, fool, gouge, take in, swindle, scam, skin, take advantage of, fleece and gull them into believing he did not personally design the Team Canada apparel, that bears a striking resemblance, likeness, similarity, affinity, alikeness, conformity, and semblance to the logo of the Conservative Party of Canada.

Mr. Speaker, the Prime Minister may not be aware of the paper I published while at Harvard, entitled: "Sports Logos: A sociological and emblematical perspective with implications for global geopolitical systems and philosophical engagements." I should now like to read the relevant pages in which I demonstrate, prove, show, support, attest, authenticate, back up, settle, substantiate, verify, warrant, witness, manifest and make evident..."


Continued page 94.