Thursday, September 17, 2009

Just Fancy That

Globe and Mail, September 17th, 2009:
The Liberals say they will continue to do everything within their power to bring the Harper government down. A new pre-election television ad, in both French and English, will be released this weekend. It will be the Liberal's third television ad in as many weeks.
Globe and Mail, September 17th, 2009:
The four parties in the House of Commons are nearing a deal to fast track the government's new employment-insurance legislation and put it to its first vote as early as Friday.

Government House Leader Jay Hill invited his Liberal, NDP and Bloc Québécois counterparts to a closed door meeting just after noon to discuss the government bill, which was officially introduced in the House of Commons Wednesday afternoon.

The Liberals announced Thursday morning that they are offering to pass the bill quickly..

TO: Warren Kinsella, Chief Ass Kicker
FROM: Michael Ignatieff, Visiting Professor
SUBJECT: Fall Election

Dear Warren,

I'm sorry, I was only kidding.