Thursday, September 10, 2009

Exclusive: PM is a Conservative

TDPC operatives recently infiltrated and recorded a top-secret meeting of Conservatives in some place nobody has ever heard of, where Stephen Harper spoke in code to a carefully chosen audience of undercover agents and sleeper cells.

The shocking details are now leaking, rather like bilge-water, all over the internet.

Listen as Harper MENTIONS the hitherto unknown plan to abolish the long-gun registry.
Be astonished as Harper SAYS that Liberals might appoint left-leaning judges.
Be amazed as Harper ADMITS having eliminated the Court Challenges Program.
Gape as Harper APPEALS for a majority government.

Top Liberal strategist Warren Kinsella appears to have been caught off-guard by the remarks. In a post to his widely read blog web site he is both shockingly outraged and outrageously shocked by the revelation that the Prime Minister is a Conservative.

In related news, a sharp eyed corgi has noticed a sudden rise in demand for purple stuffed dinosaurs, perhaps giving a clue to Liberal campaign strategy for election 2009. If this is indeed indicative of the Liberal plan, it will represent a radical shift for the Liberals, who have never yet attempted to smear the Conservatives with accusations of a hidden agenda, harboring Nazis, BushHarper, scary farmers with rabbit shooting guns, etc. There can be little doubt that the genius of Kinsella lies behind this innovative new campaigning style.