Friday, February 22, 2008

Casin-O-Warman: Loading The Dice

From the transcript of Warman vs. Lemire before the CHRC:

THE CHAIRPERSON: You, yourself, in order to support that point of view, are able to rely on evidence that I already have in front of me which has not been disputed by Mr. Warman. That is clearly proven at this point.

You have established, not just one on
balance of probabilities, beyond any doubt that Mr. Warman posts on these websites material that -- now this perhaps is subject to interpretation, what language you want to use, but he did refer to them as I guess problematic under section 13. And he's done so, and he's been found to do so in some of the other decisions of the Tribunal -- correct me if I'm wrong on that point -- on similar -- on message boards, similarly structured members.

So much for the character of Canada's Bravest ManTM. What does the authorship of one disputed post matter? Warman is an admitted poster of racist material on the very sites about which he complains.