Sunday, February 17, 2008

Is He Really Stupid or Just Acting?

Warren "Nazis under the bed" K outdoes himself with his latest.

He proposes sending those 'freespeechers' over to Denmark, presumably to get beaten up, burned, suicide bombed or otherwise disposed of in the latest Islamist rioting in Copenhagen, as if this rioting in question in some way disproves the very points that Steyn and other smart people have been making about radical Islam.

Well, Warren, those Islamic extremists in Copenhagen are proving the points you list. They're showing themselves to be exactly as Steyn, Levant, Kate and others have described them. That you support their riots, killings, bombings, maimings, threats and terrorism... and wish it on people just because they dare to disagree with the Liberal gods of Canada.... what does that make you?

Hate has many forms, Warren, and you have more than a lot of people out there. Want to fight hate? Start in the mirror.