Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Return of the Hamster

Canadian viewers finally got to see the return of Richard Hammond to BBC's Top Gear this Sunday. Although we already knew he was safe and well and back at work, it was still a special TV moment. Hammond seems in fine form, although he looks as though he's aged a bit and I noticed they didn't have him doing much driving or strenuous work.

With these days of universal nanny-state and global warming hot air, it was good to know that Top Gear will remain 'three ordinary blokes cocking around in cars'. When the rest of the media has gone wall-to-wall green, with their unquestioning adulation of all things Gore, I take solace from the fact that Jeremy Clarkson will be the last to give in to either the left-wing nanny state or the global warming bandwagon. There will always be a voice of reason, and there will always be excessive speed, tire smoke and wasteful gasoline consumption in at least one corner of the BBC.