Friday, July 06, 2007

And..... We're Back!

Fresh from dealing with a bunch of personal situations which have interfered with blogging for the last month, TDPC returns. And what a month it's been; time to catch up.

First, tragedy in Montague, with the death of Korie-Lyn Edwards, the 17-month old mauled by her family's Rottweiler / Shepherd cross on Canada Day. Our hearts go out to the family in their loss, and to the emergency workers and animal control officials who were faced with this situation. Montague is a tight-knit community, despite any differences which may persist, and we hope the Edwards family is receiving the support and encouragement they need at this time.

Second, a memo to those who are supposedly offended by the Pope's recent decision to encourage (or rather to be less discouraging of) the use of the Latin Mass. Shrieks of protest over this move (from non-Catholics, who apparently feel they still have a right to write liturgy for someone else's religion). Get over it people. The Mass is centuries old and to pick one line from all the prayers in all the Masses for all the days of the year and deliberately twist its intentions is plain stupid. Get a thicker skin, grow up and deal. Frankly, in this day and age you should be grateful any time anyone prays for you. Thanks for listening.

Third: Support Our Troops day in Carleton Place, Ont. this Sunday. Details here. TDPC will be represented by yours truly and at least one Pupperel, and possibly some corgis as well. This is a major event with the Central Band of the Canadian Forces, pipe bands, the local concert band, etc. If you're anywhere close, put on the red and come out to this event; the troops need our support more than ever in these days of mounting casualties and Taliban Jack.

Fourth: Did anyone else notice that CBC Radio reported Mr. Justice Kirkland telling native leader Shawn Brant that he 'admired and respected' him, before denying him bail? This echos a scene in David Attenborough's Gandhi where a British judge regretfully consigns Gandhi to one of his spells in British custody. Sadly for Mr. Justice Kirkland, however, Shawn Brant is no Gandhi; he is by his own admission the leader of an armed militant insurgency, and proud to have earned the label 'terrorist' in that famous DND report. If our politicians won't act to control such a man and the criminals he leads, and our judges openly express admiration for him... well... I'll be bailing out of the handbasket before it gets to its final destination, thanks.

That's it for now... hopefully I'll be back on a more regular basis from now on.