Thursday, July 12, 2007

Man Eating Badgers: Layton Urges Negotiation

Reports that man-eating badgers have been deployed in the southern Iraqi city of Basra are being denied by official British sources. However, a witness interviewed by the Associated Press has said that his mother's sister's cousin has a friend whose father's wife's aunt knows someone who has seen at least 12 Iraqis mauled by the ferocious beasts.

In Canada, Liberal leader Stephane Dion called for the withdrawal of the badgers by 2009, citing environmental concerns. "Use of the badger population in this way is not sustenable," he told journalists. "We should be seeking alternatives and looking for renewable sources of animal weaponry."

NDP leader Jack Layton urged negotiation with the badgers. "We need to sit down with these badgers, listen to what they have to say and come up with a compromise. Perhaps all they really want is to be fed some stray dogs and this will stop them attacking innocent civilians."

UPDATE: TDPC welcomes readers of RedTory's most excellent blog. Come in, enjoy yourselves, meet the corgis. They don't bite unless you're virulently socialist.

UPDATER: On that note, please amend the last sentence of the above post to 'stray cats'.