Saturday, June 09, 2007

Detainee Scandal Deepens

The world of Canadian politics was rocked to its foundations today with the revelation that many Canadian citizens have been captured and imprisoned in a secret long-term detention facility. Leading human rights advocates claim that these Canadians may be held for periods up to 45 years, with no hope of escape.

"These Canadians are quietly captured by the Liberal Party and spirited away to a place they call the 'Senate'," said a spokesman for Amnutty International. "Here, although we can't be sure, we think they are paid outrageously high salaries for little or no work, and are forced to wine and dine with the rich and powerful."

Canada's New Government has been making efforts to free these prisoners, in particular by imposing a maximum term of incarceration of eight years, but they have been frustrated by the hard-line, tough-on-entitlement Liberals. Said Stephane Dion, a man claiming to have some affiliation with the secretive Liberal regime, "Do you think it's easy to make priorities?"

Despite the best efforts of organizations like Amnutty and their leader Alex Naive, it seems there is strong support for the hardline approach being taken by the Liberals. Extremist bloggers have been writing about the need to 'lock these people up with their caviar and champagne'. It seems there are very few willing to come to the aid of these helpless prisoners in Ottawa.