Sunday, June 10, 2007

Anglican Church in Row with Sony Over Video Game

A spat has erupted between Sony and the Church of England over what Sony says is the unauthorized use of parts of a PlayStation game by the Anglican Communion. A spokesman for Sony says that the company's title Resistance: Fall Of Man has been plagiarized and taken to 'entirely inappropriate' levels by the worldwide Anglican Communion.

"In our game, there is simply some fighting in Manchester Cathedral, with dead bodies littering the nave," he said. "What the Anglican Communion has done by elevating this to a massive worldwide fight over human sexuality and the ordination of women is simply barbaric and completely unauthorized."

A spokeswomyn for the Episcopal Church in the USA (ECUSA), speaking on behalf of Anglicanism, says Sony is taking the situation far too seriously. "Clearly," she said, "a situation in which practising homosexuals can be bishops is a work of fantasy. Nobody can possibly take ECUSA or the Anglican Communion too seriously here."

Link fixed, thanks to Matthew in the comments