Thursday, January 11, 2007

Not Only Recycled But Also Lies

Not only is today's Harper bashing by the leech-like Childcare Advocacy Association of Canada recycled news, it's also based on a report that is breathtaking in its liberties with the truth. You can read the whole thing here. But here's my favorite sentence:

Canadian parents.whether they live in large or small urban communities, or in rural or remote communities all want early learning and child care programs for their children. [emphasis added]

Hmmm, I love being told what I want by a partisan, ultra-left-wing, parasite of a lobby group. So, how long did it take you to call and ask every Canadian parent if that's what they want? I must have been out when you called me to check, Ms. Lysack, otherwise you'd know that you're lying. But somehow, I think you, the CCAC and CUPE and all the others do know that already.