Wednesday, January 10, 2007

If He Paid His Own Bills...

... who'd pay for the beer and popcorn?

From today's Ottawa Citizen (page A4):

Martin-Chretien feud lives on in aides' lawsuits: Chretien
loyalist's lawyer says taxpayers paying legal cost of ex-Martin adviser

Taxpayers are footing the legal bill for one of former prime minister Paul Martin's closest aides in a $350,000 libel action launched by another Liberal backroomer after the internecine wars between Mr. Martin and Jean Chretien, says a lawyer involved in the battle.

Former Martin aide Scott Reid has apologized to onetime Chretien aide Warren Kinsella for calling him a liar over comments Mr. Kinsella made about Finance Department contracts under Mr. Martin.

There now follows today's natural history lesson:

A rarer, though not endangered creature, Hirudinea Liberalis is a unique leech that can continue sucking from its host even after death. While most leeches can be removed with salt, Hirudinea Liberalis is best removed with a strong spotlight and the threat of public exposure.