Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy Christmas

It's been nine months since I took fingers to keyboard and started the Doggerel Party. Things have tapered off recently, with the arrival of baby Ewan at HQ. However, there has been plenty to fill the last nine months. We've covered lots of things that we shouldn't have had to: natives getting away with vandalism and attempted murder in Caledonia; journalists fabricating news in the mid-East; unsavory political machinations, and so on. Locally, this blog became the focus of an entire community's controversies, disputes and divides as the Montague township election and aftermath unfolded.

Recently, while idle, I could have been writing about the usurption of Christmas by commercial interests, or the attempted elimination of Christmas by politically correct zealots.

Today we went to the family Christmas Eve service at our church. I was holding my infant son as the Gospel story of the birth of Christ was read and the carols were sung. Looking at the pure, blank canvas that is every newborn, and remembering that Christ came into the world as one of these to save all of us, the meaning of Christmas is thrown into very sharp relief this year and the sense of peace I experienced in that service was very profound.

So in the end, it doesn't matter who you are, or what your politics are, or even if you believe in Christmas or not. Christ was born in Bethlehem those 2,000 years ago for you, for me and for all of us. The gift of that inner peace is yours and mine, and it remains on offer for as long as it takes someone to decide to receive it.

So from TDPC HQ to all readers, no matter who or where you are, I wish you the gift of that inner peace tonight and this Christmas. There will be lots of time for the politcal fighting in the new year, but for this next 24 hours may we all enjoy the real gifts of Christmas.

A very happy, peaceful and blessed Christmas to you all.