Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Corgis Are Angry...

... and two of them are bitches.

This Macleans story about a group calling itself Women Are Angry has already been given the royal treatment by Kathy and Kate. I particularly like Kate's treatment of the Angry Women logo.

The Women Are Angry for several reasons. TDPC would like to soothe their ruffled feathers, so let's take a look at each of their reasons for being so angry, shall we?
On September 25, 2006, Stephen Harper's government announced a $5 Million dollar (40%) cut to the budget of Status of Women Canada.
Ladies, ladies. 40% does seem like an awfully big cut, doesn't it? Perhaps you'd be less angry if you'd paid more attention in math class, or if that nasty male teacher hadn't stereotyped you as being unable to learn math. Because in my world, $5m from a $23m budget is 21.7%. There. You're half as angry already!
This cut, along with $95 Million dollars in other cuts, have destroyed vital programs for women, children and families across this country.
Name one. Name a program that has been 'destroyed'. You'd be a lot less angry if you stopped hallucinating, you know.
Prime Minister Harper has justified these cuts by suggesting that equality has already been achieved for women in Canada.
Did you gals miss this little Charter of Rights and Freedoms thing we have here?
Women in Canada face inequality everyday, the most obvious example of which isthe fact that in 2005, Statistics Canada reported that women still earn just 71 cents for every dollar earned by men.
See, you're all angry again about something that just isn't true. Men and women earn equal wages for equal work. Show me an employer who pays a female employee less than a male for the same job. Show me the $0.71 and the $1.00 paycheques. It doesn't exist. It's a lie. You'd be much happier if you stopped inventing untruths to make yourselves angry.

Women deserve EQUALITY, which includes an equal share in the wealth we have created through both our paid and unpaid work.

So we can expect you Angry Women to get behind the campaign for income splitting then, so that all the unpaid work that women do in the home finally gets recognized?

I suspect that the www.thewomenareangry.org website traffic is peaking today, and that their message is getting out to a whole lot of people - but it may not be the audience they were hoping for.

There's another great quote in the Maclean's piece from Alexandra Dobrowolsky. Challenged on the fact that SOW does no real work for women, but pursues endless research:
"It's not accurate at all to say this research is going nowhere," she says. "You're sparking a lot of debate and you're getting people mobilized."

Phew. What a relief. For a second I thought the $25m a year was being wasted, but no! It's sparking debate.

We at TDPC are only angry that these people leeches sucked so many of our tax dollars into their endless research and advocacy and in so doing deprived many women of real concrete help they might have needed.