Friday, December 01, 2006

Handel's Hydro Music

So, the situation here at TDPC HQ tonight is this: There is a small-ish ice storm going on, and as a result a limb of maple tree is hanging nicely from the hydro and telephone lines between the house and the hydro pole on the other side of the street. As you might expect, Hydro One is kind of busy tonight, and we've been on hold for 2 1/2 hours now waiting to report our potentially imminent power outage.

I don't object; they are swamped no doubt. But who chooses the holding music???? A sample: Early on, we had The Most Wonderful Time of The Year. Shortly afterward we were treated to My Favorite Things... yes, of course, we love raindrops on roses. At the 72 minute mark, we got Let It Snow. Er... no, actually, if it would not snow, that would be fine with me. And the piece de resistance, O Tannenbaum. Next years hot holiday album folks, the Hydro One Ice Storm Medley. Get it now, while your call is in priority sequence.