Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Great Al Gore Poetry Contest

Cross posted at Kate's place, this is the Corgis' entry in the Great Al Gore Poetry Contest.

Here's a quick effort, bearing in mind, we are the Doggerel Party of Canada:

Now hear ye the great Al Goracle,
For now's a time that's quite historical.
For every man, woman and youth,
To heed an Inconvenient Truth.

We've been burning fossil fuels,
On which there are no free renewals.
We filled the air with CO2,
which you can't see, but still it's true.

Listen to your new world's master.
You're heading for climate disaster.
There will be famine, drought and flood,
Wind and rain and streams of blood.

The seas will rise o'er seaside piers,
And coastal towns will disappear.
And all the streets y'all once walked on,
Will be inhabited by plankton.

There will be hotter, hotter days,
This is what the fruit fly says.
There will be killer bee attacks,
Unless you pay your carbon tax

Now this we know and you'll see later,
It's written in Phil Jones's data.
He reads the tree rings Briffa sees,
And extrapolates his prophecies.

But hidden from your eyes and mine,
There's tricks afoot to hide decline.
And we find in shock and awe,
A plot to circumvent the law.

So wait! can it be really true?
The planets baking me and you?
Or is it just a cunning scheme,
To realize socialisms dream?

And so we found out just in time,
The climate warmists dreadful crime.
So please don't sign that Danish treaty
But turn the heat up, there's a sweety.