Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Flying Cats: A Rumour and a Bad Precedent

Rumour is swirling around Doggerel Party HQ that a new genetically engineered super race of flying cats is shortly to take to the skies. Now, this may be only a rumour, but that hasn't stopped Director of Cat Sequestration, Sam the Cardigan corgi, from issuing his opinion.

"In my view, this would be a bad precedent," he said. "Flight should be the prerogative of birds, and even then, should only be used by those that are too small to eat. Cats who take to the skies would be evading responsibility for their felinity. Not to mention the even greater damage to the song bird population that would result."

Editorials, op-eds and letter writers across the country have backed Sam's campaign against flying cats. In particular, the Globe and Mail has mounted a vocal response. Globe staff did not respond to a TDPC request to be interviewed for this post.