Friday, April 24, 2009

Warren Is Proud

to call the confessed member of neo-nazi online groups who posted this:
"Did you know we had an election and the new cabinet hasn't been named yet? We still have scum in government but we have to wait and see which scum goes where." (the 'scum' in question refers to Jews).
his friend.

Way to go Warren. Is that the advice you'll be giving the Liberal party, when you're asked? (Which you are, all the time). That they should be proud to have friends who post racist slurs on neo-nazi websites?

Does the end you're trying to reach - of censorship and thought control online - really justify means such as Warman used? Because it seems from your recent posts that it really does in your mind. A senior adviser to the leader of the opposition is proud to call a confessed member of neo-nazi groups his friend. Yeah, that would make people's heads explode.