Saturday, May 09, 2009

Liberal Migrant Worker Scandal Widens

With all the recent news coverage of the so-called "Nannygate" scandal, others are now coming forward to report their experiences with Liberal employers in Canada. TDPC spoke to another recent immigrant to Canada - we'll call him Michael.

Michael's story begins with a chance meeting with a prominent Liberal MP. He alleges the MP promised him a better life in Canada, saying that if he was prepared to immigrate and work for them he would immediately become Prime Minister.

Instead of the comfortable life he was promised at 24 Sussex Drive, Michael told TDPC that he was forced to endure harsh and inhumane conditions. First, he was told that he would actually have to campaign to be elected to Parliament - hours and hours of hard work, not at all the kind of thing he had been promised and certainly not the comfortable life he had left behind in his home country. There followed a period of some years during which he was shut in with around a hundred squawking, defecating puffins.

The low point for Michael came just this week, when his coronation ceremony was interrupted by reporters asking questions about one of his associates. Michael told us that the 'snakehead', or handler who had promised to protect him from this kind of thing had suddenly disappeared for mysterious 'surgery'. Left alone to face a hostile press for the first time, Michael did the only thing he could - he ran away.