Thursday, June 05, 2008

McGuinty To Auto Workers: You Are Not Alone

Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty vows that the workers from GM's truck plant in Oshawa will not be abandoned should GM succeed in going ahead with plans to close the plant.

"Those workers should be assured that they will not be alone," says McGuinty. "My government is busy ensuring that they will be joined by thousands of others. We've already had 500 jobs go in Smiths Falls with the closure of the Hershey plant; we're losing jobs in the furniture industry, Chrysler is closing a plant in Windsor. My government is committed to ensuring that thousands of other workers will be standing by the GM employees as they register for EI."

Questioned about the success of his now five year old administration's economic policies, McGuinty claimed great success. "Our tax and spend plan is proving highly successful, and I am sure that we will soon be returning the province to the glory days of the Bob Rae administration."