Monday, March 31, 2008

Montague By-Election Result

Congratulations to Bill Dobson, elected Deputy Reeve of Montague Township this evening. The result of the byelection matched pretty much what I would have expected. I think Bill will do a great job, and I hope that both Pat Dolan and Vince Carroll will continue to play an active part in township life and politics because they both have a lot to offer. All three have strong support in the township.

The best part of the result for me is the turnout - over 1,200 votes cast. Electronic voting seems to have really worked and it should give food for thought to Elections Ontario and Elections Canada. In rural areas such as ours, turnout in all elections would likely be dramtically improved through the option of internet and telephone voting. It would seem to be worth pursuing at all levels of government. It won't stop Liberals buying TV sets for native voters in Saskatchewan, of course, but no voting system is perfect.