Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Casin-O-Warman: We only allegedly cheat

Kathy Shaidle has updated her post on SDA concerning the alleged sock-puppeting activities of Richard Warman. I'm happy to go along with that and say that Warman is alleged to have posted a racist rant against Senator Cools on the freedomsite.org discussion forums.

While this is therefore an allegation that is unproven, circumstantial evidence does exist; is it really likely that by coincidence two different Rogers subscribers are assigned the same IP address on different days, and both head over to freedomsite.org to post just one message from an anonymous email account that is used only once? It's possible but highly unlikely.

Some have pointed out that Richard Warman has denied under oath that he authored this post - of course he denied using the first of those email accounts under oath too, until confronted with the proof that he had in fact done so. On that occasion he 'stood corrected.' Perhaps he's having the same trouble with his memory this time around, or perhaps not. However we have at least one concrete example of Mr. Warman's recollection failing him while under oath.

In the end, it doesn't really matter. The real enemy of freedom and democracy here isn't Richard Warman, it's the system he uses and abuses. It's the HRCs that need to be reigned in.