Monday, October 01, 2007


The illusion that Ontario is an inclusive, open and just society has died. It was roughly forty years old.

The illusion was carefully constructed in the 1960s, when so many of its peers also came into the world. It is predeceased by many, though perhaps not enough of the liberal politicians who created it. It leaves behind a large vacuum and some serious questions.

Although created by liberals, the illusion had in recent years become increasingly estranged from them. Despite the best efforts of media and spin doctors, the illusion suffered increasingly from the divergence of words and actions. In particular, its religious tolerance had become exposed as being merely approval of one religious viewpoint - secular humanism - over all others.

Liberals like Christians, Jews and Muslims as long as they know their place and stay in their own neighborhoods and schools, and the masses don't have to pay for them or see them.

The illusion of a tolerant society is grieved by all right-thinking, honest and decent people, but will not be missed by Liberals or liberals for whom it was becoming difficult to bear.