Monday, October 22, 2007

Iggy-Gate Swirls On

Controversy continues to swirl over the dispute between a dog rescue agency and celebrity animal lover St├ęphane 'Degenerate' Dion.

Some time ago, Dion had adopted 'Iggy' as his deputy. However, despite training and an attempted neutering, Iggy did not get along with Degenerate's other pet, Kyoto. "He kept chasing Kyoto around the house, shouting 'We didn't get it done,'" said a source close to Dion.

Dion had then re-homed Iggy in a quieter home away from the limelight and TV cameras. However when the rescue agency, run by a Mr. Coderre and a Mr. Rodriguez, heard that Iggy had been re-homed without their consent, they immediately swung into action. Iggy was grabbed from the background and placed in another location closer to the TV cameras.

"You can see how much happier Iggy is; he's smirking again," said a friend of the Hez and Bollah animal rescue operation.

Dion continues to issue tearful pleas for the return of Iggy to the background home he had chosen for Iggy, however most observers say that this is likely a lost cause, and are urging Dion to move on as quickly and as far away from the Liberal leadership as possible.