Monday, October 15, 2007

Dalton's Drive

Well, further to my earlier musings about replacing the trusty Golf TDI with something a little more mid-life crisis, I'm wondering what Dalton McGuinty's driving these days, because it seems he can pull a left-handed U-turn way faster than any car I've ever driven.

Still, at least we still have that warm, fuzzy Dalton McGuinty who's all about the family. Isn't it good to know he places such an emphasis on the family? Dalton loves your family.

Unless you have an autistic child.
Or you are tearing the social fabric of Ontario by bringing your child up in your own faith.
Or you're a family without a family doctor.
Or you're a low-income family whose finances are breaking under the strain of the Dalton Health Tax.
Or your family is supported by one of those manufacturing jobs that's about to walk out of the province.
Or your disabled family member is being evicted from Rideau Regional Centre.

... Thank God he's all about the family. Because can you imagine Ontario if he wasn't?