Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Year of The Doggerel

Yes, it's been a year since I took the plunge into blogging and started The Doggerel Party. In that twelve months, I've learned a lot. I've learned that making bad jokes gets you into the national media and making better ones doesn't attract all that much attention. I've learned that you can use a tiny spark to light a big fire, never more so than in small town local politics. I've been accused of being on both sides of the same argument at the same time, which I guess proves I'm more balanced than even I thought I was. I've made mistakes, I've written some things I'm very proud of.

I took inspiration from some folks and I've made several new friends, and met a bunch of interesting people. I've had people try to guess my real identity and come up with some pretty wild and funny guesses in the process.

I've had busy weeks with lots of posts and quiet times when real life, dogs and small children conspire to keep me away from the keyboard.

Most of all, I've had a lot of fun. Thanks for reading and I look forward to Year 2.