Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Made In Heaven?

Following Elizabeth May's teary-eyed sermon delivered in London, Ont. on Sunday morning, it appears that the whole May-Dion marriage may indeed have a religious dimension.

Ms. May is an Anglican minister-in-training and attends St. Bartholomew's church in the New Edinburgh neighbourhood of Ottawa. The Rector of St. Bartholomew's is the Rev. Sharon Schollar. In a previous life, before ordination - and afterward too - Ms. Schollar pursued a legal career and was also active in political life; her biography says that she worked in the office of 'a Leader of the Opposition, a Prime Minister and several Cabinet Ministers'. Most recently, in 1996, she was listed on the staff of former Liberal Minister of Public Works, Diane Marleau.

So the Rev. Schollar is clearly well-connected in Liberal circles and doubtless very well connected with Elizabeth May. Is the whole Green-Liberal marriage being made, if not in heaven, at least in church?