Saturday, May 05, 2007

This Is Why We Left The City

We used to live in the Glebe neighborhood in downtown Ottawa. This affluent and once-trendy area is populated by upper-middle class soccer moms, the granola crowd and property speculators. There are exceptions of course; there are some 'old money' folks and some families who've lived there for the last 100 years.

There's a lot going for the Glebe - some great pubs, interesting stores and walking distance to everything. But the atmosphere and the subculture becomes oppressive after a while - and there is no better example than this story from today's Ottawa Citizen.

Yes, the people of the Glebe are so immune from the real social problems and crime that plague some less well off neighbourhoods that they called in the graffiti squad to deal with those wretched, deliquent, dangerous five year olds and their hopscotch. Most people would be glad to see kids playing such a harmless, old-fashioned game instead of Xbox-ing or worse. Pathetic.