Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Doggerel Party Exclusive: Top Secret Drone Revealed

We know it's been very quiet around TDPC headquarters of late - life has been chaotic and the corgis have retreated to their crates and been sulking over various things. However, all that crate time appears to have paid off. We're back and with a red-hot exclusive story too; it turns out that Sam and his engineering team have been working on a top secret project for the Liberals. As far as we can tell, Iggy, strongly opposed to Canada's purchase of F-35 fighter jets and certain that he will soon become PM, has contracted with the Schnauzer-works division of Doggerel Labs to develop an alternative.

The new, unmanned drone will form the backbone of Liberal defense policy and will initially be deployed to defend Canada's Arctic against incursions by (to take a random example) Russian bombers.

Our reporters, armed with kibble and stuffy toys, have been able to extract from the corgis the key elements of the design of this new drone and also a spy photograph showing the weapon.