Thursday, January 14, 2010

Exclusive: TDPC Obtains Latest Liberal Talking Points Memo

The following was found in a boy's washroom at an Ottawa hockey arena, and is posted here as a public service:

From: Kirren Wanksella
To: Ass Kicking Shock Troops

Subject: Talking Points, Jan 14, 2010

War Room Team!

Now that my master plan has worked and the Tories have dropped in the polls, while we are moving way, way up (standing still, shurely? - Ed), it's time to turn up the heat. Here's our message for this week:

1. As I said to Tom Clark on TV the other day, we don't know that Canadian troops haven't been torturing Afghans. So, the message here is we don't know that Harpitler didn't arrange this earthquake as a distraction from the Afghan Torture Mission. And now he's sending his stormtroopers into Haiti. Make no mistake, there will be torture there too. We have to get across the message that Iggy is, and has always been, the only one of the party leaders who has consistently been against the use of torture, and I for one, have always praised him for that.

3. Er...

3. There's a SFH gig (I call it a gigola, geddit?) coming up.

4. that's it.