Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Nearly Two Years of Doggerel

And I've never asked for donations or indeed for any help. Along the way though, I know I've picked up a few regular readers and commenters, and some regular tipsters too.

Therefore, in the spirit of Warman Wednesday, an invitation. I'd like you to read around the blog for the next little while. Browse the Best Of TDPC links, read back in time. Remember such greats as the invention of cat sequestration, or the various Alternate Services books.

And then, if you've enjoyed anything you read, or raised a smile, or indeed, even if you haven't, please click the Paypal donation button on the right and give to the legal defense fund for the Canadian bloggers sued by Richard Warman.

All donations received will be split equally and passed on to the bloggers. If you don't trust me (and you know you can't trust the corgis with anything, although I don't think even they can eat Paypal) then go directly to Kate, Kathy, Ezra and Free Dominion and give directly. I won't be offended and neither will they.

Again... I've never asked for anything on this blog, but after two years I must have written something that's worthy of a donation. So even if you've given already, think about doing it again. For the corgis.