Friday, April 04, 2008

Curious Coincidence?

Another curious set of facts came to light when the corgis were sniffing out CHRC investigator Sandra Kozak. Googling Sandra Kozak brought up the website which appears to be a franchised independent travel agency operated by... Sandra Kozak.

The travel site gives a fax number which is in the Perth, Ontario area, but the telephone number given is a Rogers wireless number. The site notes that calls are accepted from 9am to 9pm on that wireless number, and talks about 'flexible working hours.' Some people might find it odd that a business would provide no landline telephone number on which they can be contacted.

The WHOIS information for that domain lists Sandra Kozak as the domain owner and gives both the same fax number and a Perth area landline telephone number.

The existence of this business, in the same area and operated by someone with the same name is not conclusive evidence of moonlighting. However it certainly seems a little odd. It's to be hoped there is an innocent explanation, because if not, that would only raise more questions about potential conflict of interest issues in CHRC investigations.