Friday, November 25, 2011

Turns Out It Was A Duck All Along

Well, well... despite their win in a libel action against a former client who labelled them a puppy mill, described here, it turns out that Charlene and Nicole Labombard were puppy millers all along. Yesterday, they pled guilty to 17 charges of animal cruelty and turned over custody of the over 500 dogs seized from their puppy mill.

One of them told the Ottawa Citizen "there's nothing more to be said." We at TDPC feel that there is an awful lot that could be said to these two disgusting women, and if anyone is so minded, Paws R Us contact information is readily available via Google. Sadly it is unlikely that they will ever end up in steel cages and be hosed down once in a while - although TDPC would most definitely not breed from them.

Although I don't side with PETA and the other radical animal rights groups out there, this particular case is a gratifying victory over two despicable women who made a career and hundreds of thousands of dollars by exploiting and abusing dogs for profit.